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Our locally owned and operated is still just a local company in Grand Rapids, MI. We are planning to expand much further though. Although we have been a water damage restoration company in this local area for 20 years, we have started to begin our plans to branch out to other states. We’re not a bad locally owned company right now at all though. We have been serving the people of our area for 20 years and it has been with a ton of success over the years. Our goal has been hard work and make sure that we develop close bonds with the customers that we meet during our journey. Water damage isn’t something that anybody should want or even have to deal with, but it is super hard to prevent. You can do tons of things to try and stop it from happening, but when it strikes, it brings the thunder to go with it. Another thing that we believe has gotten our company to the point it is right now, is our super quick and fast response time.


We have tried over the years to be at your location 30 minutes after you call us, depending on where you live. Water damage is best fixed when treated right away. The less water in your basement or property, the better off that everyone is going to be in the end. That was one of the very first things that we learned as a company, is that the quicker we get to your location, the better off we were going to be. That’s why we worked everyday for years to improve our response time. We have started to create a pretty massive staff so that you will for sure get someone to your door the second that you call us. Your property is just as important to us as it is to you. We treat you like family when you call us.


Although we have really only talked about water damage, our water damage cleanup restoration company actually does a ton and not all of it is related to removing the water from your basement. We actually have a few programs that help stop water damage from happening the best that we can before it happens. In addition, we have a ton of programs available to you that should help you clean everything up once the water damage happens. Some of these include things such as mold remediation and carpet drying. Over the years we have added so many different services to our company and we can definitely help you with any problem that relates to water damage. If you have any doubt at all, feel free to call and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We have tons of different workers on the phone and one of them will surely be able to help you out and figure out what is going on. Then we will send some of our awesome workers out your way to completely get rid of the problem once and for all.